Better Days

Client: Namaste Publishing

Task: Work with an illustrator to develop a bright, unique, nonfiction cover using garden elements. Next, incorporate custom flower drawings throughout the interior pages.

Length: 200 pages

Each chapter opener featured a custom, spot illustration. If you have the budget for it, using a different illustration to open every chapter is a great way to create a dynamic reading experience. We also used drop caps (the “N” that takes up three lines of text) in opening paragraphs.

Namaste chose to start every chapter on a right-hand (“recto”) page, and to place a blank page opposite each opener. This was an aesthetic choice to give the reader a feeling of resetting before entering a new chapter.

Here is an example of a footnote.

This book featured a Reading Group Guide in the back. Since this section is a departure from the rest of the book, I introduced a new style and format here.

I added a gray bar on the outer edges of all of the Reading Group Guide pages. This allows a reader to navigate to this section immediately when the book is closed.

“Zoe is always super responsive, diligent, easy to work with and tremendously positive. A total pro.”
Mary Kellough, COO at Namaste Publishing