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The magical piece of the puzzle that brings book interiors to life for anyone with a story to tell.

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We are a small company that does one thing really well: we make impeccable book interiors.

As an industry insider, I know how important it is to give your readers a strong first impression and a visually enticing reading experience.

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It’s really that simple!

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Take an expanded look at these recently published works. An interior with INABI can wrap up in as little as 3 weeks.

“INABI has produced dozens of exquisite book interiors for Black Lawrence Press. They are detail-oriented, organized, professional, communicative, and always deliver a quality product. Thank you, Zoe!”
—Diane Goettel, Executive Editor at Black Lawrence Press
“Zoe is the best. She is what you’re looking for: skilled, organized, always on time, with a keen eye and a wonderful attitude. Hire her.”
—Sara Gran, New York Times Bestselling Author
“INABI has resurrected backlist covers and book interiors for us, breathing new life into outdated designs while tying visual threads to the original look and feel — not an easy task. Zoe is always super responsive, diligent, easy to work with and tremendously positive. A total pro.”
—Mary Kellough, COO, Namaste Publishing
“INABI understands that book design is both a marketing tool and an art—and one of the most crucial ways a book can stand out on a crowded shelf or in a reader’s hands. Prompt and professional, organized yet flexible, and possessing genuinely original vision in an ever-changing industry, they’re a dream to work with across the board.”
—Vanessa Stauffer, Managing Editor at Biblioasis
“I can’t recommend the team at INABI enough. Formatting is an art, and the whole reason people buy print books is to hold them in their hands and experience the feeling of turning the pages. If your book isn’t formatted properly, your readers will lose their trust in you. Hire this team and make your book look professional!”
—Nicolas Cole, Viral Writer With 100M+ Views
“We love working with INABI. So much nuance goes into creating a professional, unique book interior that will stand out. Zoe thinks of every detail, is professional and patient, and brings a wealth of book industry experience to every project. We always know our books are in the best possible hands when we’re working with INABI.”
—Maria Gagliano, Founder of The Pub Pros
“I can’t thank Zoe enough for how she helped me through every phase of the design process with my book! She has an incredible eye for design and pairs that with an approach that is efficient and customer-centric. Very rare talent and I feel lucky that she guided me with such insight! Thanks Zoe!”
—Ian Siegel, Founder of Streamline Learning
“I’ve worked with INABI on two projects and it’s been a joy. INABI is creative, detail-oriented, and organized. Publishing is stressful; INABI reduced my stress and designed a beautiful product.”
—James C. Morehead, Poet and Founder of Viewless Wings Press