The Process

I’ll Take You From Proofread to Print In Just 4 Steps


Choose a template

Choose three designs from my catalog of interior templates. I will take your opening chapter and lay it out in those three different styles.

For the first time, you’ll preview your words as professionally typeset pages.


Design and Layout

Once you’ve chosen a final template from those three previews, I typeset your entire manuscript.

I will add all of the necessary extras you might’ve left out: the copyright page, a table of contents, page numbers, chapter headers, etc.


Proofread & edit

Now, we enter the editing phase.

I’ll send the first pass to you as a PDF. You (or your proofreader) will read through every page and mark it up with edits. Then, you’ll send it back to me.

I complete your edits & kick it back over to you. You do another read-through and mark it up again. You send it back…We continue like this until you’re satisfied!


Final Files

Once you’ve officially signed off on the entire book interior, I will hand over your final, packaged files.


That’s all there is to it. More questions? It’s probably answered in my detailed Welcome Pack.

Download Welcome Pack