The answers below will help guide you through my process. It’s recommended that you review this page before initiating a project.

Start here!

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This comprehensive guide answers every FAQ on this page and lets you know what to expect when working with me.

How much do your services cost?

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I offer four pricing plans to choose from.

The different pricing tiers are based on the book’s word count. The longer your book, the more hours it will take to produce.

For a comprehensive explanation of my prices, please download this guide:

How do I browse the templates?

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Write me an email and you will immediately receive an access code to browse all of my custom-made templates.

You offer templates but I want a distinctive layout. Will my interior be unique?

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My templates are a starting-off-point. I always incorporate fonts from each unique book cover throughout an interior, which means that two books using the same template won’t look the same. You can also tweak and customize any template.

Read more about template customizations here:


How long will this take?

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I guarantee that you will receive your first draft within 10 business days. The clock starts when you send me your proofread manuscript, final template selection, and deposit.

After that, the schedule will depend on how quickly you take making your edits. Each time you send me a marked-up PDF, I need 1-3 business days to make your edits and send you a new PDF. For more information about timing and rush fees, download this form:

Who edits my interior and how does that work?

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You (or a hired proofreader) will need to edit your interior.

I will send you your first draft (Round 1) using the manuscript that you’ve sent us. You will markup that PDF using the sticky notes feature in Adobe Acrobat and send me back a marked-up PDF, filled with sticky note edits.

I will make those edits throughout the book and send you a new (Round 2) PDF. You’ll go through it again until YOU say that it’s 100% done and ready for the printer.

To read more about the sticky note editing process, download this guide:

Can you help me find an editor?

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Yes, I have worked with plenty of developmental editors and copy editors over the years. I can send you a curated list of talented editors to choose from, just write me!

Manuscripts: What types of document files do you accept?

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I can only work from a Microsoft Word document (.docx) or an ApplePages document (.pages).

If you’ve written your book as a  GoogleDoc, please export the GoogleDoc as a Word Doc (.docx) and make sure that it looks 100% correct before sending it to me. Make sure that all of your italics and bolds are showing up properly!

Can you work from an old PDF?

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Yes, I’ve done this before.

Example: You have a bestseller from 2011 that you want to re-print with a fresh, new, look, but there’s no native InDesign file to work from.

Yes, I’ve brought those types of projects back from the dead. Each project like this is different, so I’ll need to give you a unique price quote and timeline for updating old files.

First, write me for a quote:

What type of file will I receive when this is all finished?

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You will receive a single-page, high-resolution PDF.

I can send it with or without page bleed according to your printer’s needs.

If requested, I will also send packaged InDesign files for you to keep.

Read more about your final, “packaged” files here:

Will you send my manuscript off to the printer?

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No. I do not communicate with any printers on behalf of my clients.

Can you produce an eBook for me once the interior is finished?

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eBooks and ePubs are completed at the very end. They take about 1 week to produce.

How much do eBooks cost?

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To create an e-Reader compatible file, I charge $1 per page.

Once again, “page” refers to the number of pages of your final, printed book, not the number of pages in your electronic WordDoc. You can read more about eBooks here:

Should I hire INABI for my book interior?

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Match made in heaven? Maybe so…maybe not! Read this PDF to help you decide.

Have your past clients enjoyed working with you?

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Yes! This is why I have so many repeat clients. You can read testimonials about working with INABI on the homepage. Scroll down.

Or, read this PDF.

How do I write a copyright page?

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Everything you need to know about writing your copyright page can be found in this detailed and helpful article from the Kindlepreneur.

How do I find a printer?

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The Nonfiction Authors Association has put together a comprehensive list of printers in the USA. It’s even sorted by region.

What is a Drop Cap?

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Drop caps are larger capital letters that appear at the beginning of an opening paragraph, taking up two or more lines of text. Drop caps add style and grab a reader’s attention. Drop caps can be easily added to or removed from any template that you choose.