The Art and Business of Online Writing

Client: Nicolas Cole

Task: Create an engaging interior for a how-to book featuring headers, pull quotes, bullet lists, multi-tiered numbered lists, and selective bolded text throughout.

Length: 336 pages

As with all interiors that I complete, you can see here that I’ve incorporated the cover fonts throughout the interior for a fully integrated look.

Cole’s pages had several elements on each spread: bold headers, body copy, chapter numbers, chapter titles, and pull quotes. All of these elements were pre-approved by Cole during the ‘font test phase’ before I laid out his entire manuscript.

It was important to Cole that the layout provide the reader with a pleasing and visually clear reading experience. His writing in this book is punchy and I made sure to employ white space effectively to let the reader pause and take-in each sentence.

Here’s something to consider: Do you want a new chapter to occur on the next available page, or should they always start on the right-hand (“recto”) page?

There is no strict rule about where chapter openers start; the decision is a purely aesthetic one. With this book, Cole chose to allow the chapter openers to appear on any page, with chapter 11 appearing on a left-hand (“verso”) page.

“I can’t recommend the team at INABI enough. Formatting is an art, and the whole reason people buy print books is to hold them in their hands and experience the feeling of turning the pages. If your book isn’t formatted properly, your readers will lose their trust in you. Hire this team and make your book look professional!”
Nicolas Cole, Viral Writer With 100M+ Views