The Presence Process

Client: Namaste Publishing

Task: Create an updated page layout in InDesign using an old PDF file.

Deliverables: Cover design, spine + back cover, interior.

Length: 95 pages

Namaste came to me for a complicated reprint job. They did not have the original, layered, design files (which would’ve allowed them to update this interior swiftly), and only had a flattened PDF from 2011.

My job was to extract the text from this PDF into a usable manuscript and re-layout the interior into InDesign, making various design updates along the way.

The Table of Contents: before and after.

Chapter Openers: before and after.

I changed certain fonts that felt stylistically outdated and made the typography slightly larger throughout.

Extracting text from a flattened PDF is an arduous task, but it CAN be done. If you have an old layout that needs a facelift, contact me today!

“INABI has resurrected backlist covers and book interiors for us, breathing new life into outdated designs while tying visual threads to the original look and feel — not an easy task.”
Mary Kellough, COO Namaste Publishing